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is cooking an art or a science? no, it’s passion and instinct  

Food of Course

Cookery School

The Food of Course Cookery School in Somerset is the renowned leader in cookery courses which will set you up with ...

Cookery Skills for Life

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The Elements of
Cooking Course

Food of Course - Cookery School

Whether you are already a competent cook, or have almost no experience in the kitchen, the four-week Foundation Cookery Course or our one-week Elements of Cooking Course can transform your cooking skills as well as your entire perception of what good food can be, and the enjoyment that learning to cook can bring.

Run by Lou Hutton, both courses pack a vast amount of knowledge, practical experience and fun into the shortest possible time. Whatever you are looking for Lou will give you the time and expertise to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Events at The Cookery School: A series of Garden Master Classes given by Wendy Wright, International Garden Designer and Lecturer.

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