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is cooking an art or a science? no, it’s passion and instinct  

Food of Course

Meet The Team

Karyn is a founder member of the team at Food of Course. A keen cook herself, she does a wonderful job of managing the store room, which is crucial to the smooth running of the School. Karyn prepares the ingredients for each day’s recipes and provides support and enthusiasm to the students as they build the skills which will be with them for life. She liaises with the School’s suppliers, ensuring that quality and reliability is maintained.

Quite simply, Karyn is a fundamental part of Food of Course and Kitchen Genie, as she has been christened by the students, is the perfect description for her.

Winkie’s job is to hold the office side of the School together, particularly while courses are running, as even Lou cannot be in two places at once. Dealing with School admin, social media, networking, PR and whatever else comes along with running a thriving, busy and energised cookery school, Winkie aims to hold the fort to allow Lou to focus on teaching and the students.

With many years’ experience in office management, copywriting and editing, Winkie really enjoys the challenge and variety that working at Food of Course brings every day.

At the Food of Course Cookery School students will have the added benefit of learning skills, techniques and innovative recipes of world cuisine from expert guest cooks.

Growing up in Kerala on her parents’ rubber plantation, Annamma was taught to cook by her mother, using the many flavours of India. Having trained as a nurse, Annamma and her husband, a doctor, travelled abroad and food became an invaluable tool in helping her find greater understanding of the myriad cultures and people she met.

Now living in England Annamma continues her journey of discovery, with food central in her life. Whether teaching, catering or just producing a simple meal for family and friends, it is the act of sharing and fellowship that food encourages that inspires her to create new and delicious flavours.

Loredana is as passionate about cooking as she is of Sicilian origin and her cooking is a true reflection of her love of all things Italian. Time spent in the kitchen with her will give you a fabulous taste and feel for traditional home cooking.

The focus of the day is a late lunch where you will enjoy eating the delicious food you have prepared throughout the morning. Always using seasonal ingredients, you will cook a variety of mouthwatering Italian recipes, which might include melenzana parmiggianna, focaccia and linguine with clams for example..

Food of Course Cookery School

Food of Course Cookery School

Food of Course Cookery School

Food of Course Cookery School
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